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Austrian Photography since 1945
Gabarage- upcycling design, Asleep
Base-Level Gallery, 1010 Wien
Neubaugasse 86 Gallery, 1070 Vienna,
Fashion Photography
Hotel Landgraf, Linz,
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With his view directed against the flow of current affairs.

No photographer can ever claim all his pictures as perfect. Images are the witness of a situation which generates different emotions in the viewers eye. Every detail modifies the significance of the exposure. A successful photo allows different perspectives.

Martin Kucera photographers from the perspective of an outsider. Martin devotes his work mostly to people and spaces created by them.

His artistic approach is crucial. Fashion stimulates creativity and the reproduction of knowledge. The striving to perfection as an engine of human existance. His works arise from inspiring places all over the world like New York, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.